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Counseling Helps Children and Teens



Are you and your child struggling to get along?

Is your teen spending time too much time alone?

Feel overwhelmed by their demands or

scared by their silence?



When worried about what's going on with your kids, and frustrated by their behavior or refusal to talk to you, some parents find themselves lashing out at inappropriate times. If that's you, it might already be clear that that doesn't help.



But, maybe you've already tried everything you could think of, and you could be at the end of your rope.  



I want to assure you that there are solutions to these problems, and I can help children and teens -- and worried parents -- heal old hurts, learn to trust, and communicate more clearly and respectfully.



Counseling Helps Adults Cope Better



Annoyed about things that never bothered you before?

Struggling to control anger in family, social, or work settings?




There is a lot of pressures on adults these days. Sometimes the stress of normal life can leave you feeling anxious, worried, or depressed. These feelings may be hard to contain or resolve by yourself, and they might be creating relationship, workplace or family difficulties that won't go away.



If that sounds familiar, you don't have to keep struggling to figure it all out.  And you don't have to wait for things to magically get better, because often, when left alone, things don't improve.



My practice works because I work with you, where you are emotionally.



Therapy  Brings Hope
and Good Changes 



Had a traumatic or life­-changing event and need

help healing and understanding?



Depression, and anxiety sometimes come in the aftermath of  life transitions, or trauma.  This can all slow you down, trip you up, and prevent you from getting where you want to go.  Feeling scared or hopeless will also hinder your enjoyment of the journey.



Life's issues and relationships define your world. Change of any sort, requires courage. Taking the first step towards change can seem overwhelming and frightening. 



I work with children, adolescents, parents, adults, partners -- helping all to have the life they desire.



People come to counseling because it is time.

Are you ready to move forward?


Call 309 - 346 - 5378


Your life is waiting

Fed up with your feelings of frustration?

Tired of feeling depressed and worried?

​Weighed down with grief and sadness?

Ready to let go and move past old hurts?


Counseling can help

for many types of situations.

Give it a try.

Have a question about how counseling works?
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