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7 May 2017

It's no secret that hate speech and hate crimes have been on the rise across the US and increasingly portrayed in the "entertainment" media over the past several years. Feeling vulnerable to either hate speech or violence is now a daily experience for many. Co...

4 Apr 2017

Good news for marriage -- the divorce rate in the US has gone down, according to a study from the National Center for Family and Marriage Research. Even better news for those in the Peoria area, the state of Illinois ranked 43rd out of 51 (when Washington DC i...

1 Feb 2017

The holidays are over. All the cookies have been eaten, unwanted stuff returned, gift cards spent. January dawned as if expecting more from us now that the old year was done. Some of us vowed to  lose weight, get more exercise, start a stress reduction program...

6 Dec 2016

Are you filled with the holiday spirit, or exhausted by the pressures this end-of-year season tends to pile on?  Looking forward to a few weeks of whirlwind shopping, cooking, and parties, or stressed out by just the thought? Eager for those annual get- togeth...

9 Nov 2016

Currently there is some debate in medical circles as to whether seasonal affective disorder (SAD) truly exists. Yet people who feel more than usually discouraged, devitalized, and depressed in the winter still struggle to feel "normal" in these months....

4 Oct 2016

When researching how terminally ill patients respond to the news of their medical prognosis, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross pioneered the now classic 5 stages of death and dying.  These stages --  denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance -- became the model...

7 Sep 2016

What is anger?  Is it a mood, a feeling, a reaction, something that just happens? Is getting angry normal or something to be avoided because it can be so destructive? Can anger be controlled so that you never experience it? Or can it be managed so that you can...

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