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Frequently Asked

Questions about Counseling

Are You Currently Taking New Clients?


Yes, I am currently accepting new clients by appointment.  I am available by phone to discuss your counseling needs. Prospective clients are encouraged to schedule an appointment by calling the office at

(309) ­346-­5378.  Your call will be returned within 24 hours during business days and the next business day following weekends. 




How Much Do Sessions Cost,

and Do You Offer a Sliding Scale?


My fees range from $75 ­ to $120 per session, depending on the service.

I do not bill you for services. If you are using your health insurance benefits and I am a provider, I will bill your health insurance.  In this case, you will be responsible for all co-­pays and co-­insurance.  Payment is due at beginning of each session.  I also offer at my discretion, a sliding scale based on eligible financial need.




What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?


I can accept cash, and personal checks.




What if My Check is Returned Unpaid?


Appointments will not be held when you owe for past sessions.  If your check is returned unpaid, I will notify you immediately.  You will be expected to pay the balance due before the next scheduled appointment. Returned checks will also be charged a $25 return fee.




What if I Have to Reschedule

or Forget an Appointment?


I require clients to provide 24 hour notice for cancelled or rescheduled

appointments, unless due to a personal or medical emergency.  If you fail to provide this notice, this time cannot be used for another client.  For this reason, you will billed for the cost of the session.  Appointments may be rescheduled by phone or email.  Please note that communication by email cannot guarantee confidentiality.  I do not accept text messages.




Are Sessions Confidential?


Client privacy and confidentiality are and always will be of ultimate

importance.  I will endeavor to protect your personal information to the

ultimate extent possible.  I will never discuss my work with friends, family, or casual acquaintances.  I will hold your identity and details disclosed during our sessions in sacred trust to the extent allowed and required by law and your insurance provider. 


As a mandated reporter, I am required to disclose any plans to harm yourself or others, and may be required to report any knowledge of felonies you have committed for which you were not charged.


Additionally, if you use an insurance plan to pay for sessions, I may be

required to provide progress notes as a condition of their payment or





How Long are Your Sessions

and How Many Will I Need?


Sessions are typically 45/50 minutes and are usually scheduled once a week on the same day and time to facilitate consistency, accountability, and faster progress.


It is impossible to predict the number of sessions we will meet.  It is the client who knows the pain, the direction to proceed, the significance of the issues, and the areas to explore. The initial goal of our sessions together is the development of trust and comfort.  We will continually evaluate the process and progress being made.  We will always discuss the goal of personal empowerment as part of the work being done.




Can I Call or Email You Between Sessions

If I Have Questions?


Between sessions I am usually difficult to reach, but if your question is urgent you are welcome to leave a voicemail or email asking me to contact you.  I may be able to answer a quick question pertaining to an assignment we have outlined as homework.  


However, more general questions, or questions about issues that have yet to be introduced in our sessions should wait for our next appointment.


If you have an emergency and need immediate support, leave a message to that effect and I will do my best to arrange a form of contact as soon as


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