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Counseling Specialties

Counseling for

Kids & Parents

Kids don't come with instruction manuals -- but oh, how parents often wish they did!  Just when you think you've got the parenting thing figured out, your child or teen enters a new phase, and you feel in the dark again.


If your child is struggling with their school or social life, if they are getting bullied or engaging in risky behaviors, if they are argumentative  / uncooperative / disrespectful, counseling can help.  Learn more here.



There's so much going on in the life of most adults that stress and anxiety can sometimes get overwhelming. You might be so worried about saying the wrong thing, making the wrong decision, or screwing up some future opportunity that you feel on edge or scared all the time.



Anxiety treatment can help calm your nerves, tame your fears, let go of worries that you can't do anything about, and make an action plan to change the things you can.

Find out more here.




Frustration runs high these days, what with so much in daily life that is irritating.  But when anger gets out of control, when it becomes a problem at work, when it starts to threaten your relationships, it's time to take a serious look at where your anger is really coming from.



Sometimes adults, children and teens alike think they have to get angry to get heard, and to let people know that something is going on that isn't right. There's a better way to get results.  Read more about that here.



Trauma &

PTSD Therapy


When traumatic things happen to us, that trauma and post-traumatic stress it can leave behind echos in our memory, causes nightmares and insomnia, makes us fearful of everything, and generally turns life upside down.



If something awful has happened to you, it can help to talk it through with a therapist who can assist you in releasing the power that the incident has over your life.

I'm here to help you do that.



Grief & Loss



If someone close to you has died, or if a friendship has ended, or you've changed jobs or cities, it could be surprising how much grief and sadness you feel -- and for how long.  You might think you are suffering depression.



While grieving ending of all sorts is a natural human experience, many people don't realize how ungrieved losses can come back years later and be mistaken for an emotional problem.  If you've been feeling inexplicably sad and hopeless lately, counseling can help.






Relationships are hard.  We fall in love and think that's the end of all our problems.  And then reality sets in. Getting our needs met, feeling appreciated and understood when the initial bloom of romance wears off and the dishes pile up can sometimes be a lot more work than we expect.



Couples fight over money, chores, parenting, and even how to spend leisure time. The key is to learn how to fight fairly, and in a way that brings you closer together, instead of driving you apart.  Need help? Read this.



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