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Trauma and PTSD Counseling

How do you know if you have experienced a traumatic event?



Trauma is an event or events that are so extreme or severe, so powerful, harmful and/or threatening that they demand extraordinary coping skills.



When trauma occurs in your life, it interrupts your normal growth and functioning. Your sense of who you are is disrupted. You no longer experience yourself as grounded.



Having suffered a trauma, you might begin to have some debilitating physical symptoms, in addition to emotional turmoil. The path to healing might seem like a mountain that you do not have enough strength to climb.



If you are experiencing personal loss, or the effects of a current or past traumatic event  -- including but not limited to sexual abuse, domestic violence, natural disaster, community violence -- I can help you address the initial shock and crisis, assist you in processing the situation, and support you in getting your life back in balance.



I offer true validation of your individual experience and the challenges you are facing.



Are you stuck?



If you have been stuck and unable to successfully change your feelings, thoughts or behaviors, it is likely that you are being affected by experiences from your past.



Any experience that continues to exert a negative influence is traumatic. Not all traumatic events are horrifying or tragic. Sometimes traumatic experiences are remembered, but often they are repressed or forgotten.



I treat the client where they are in the recovery. I take clues from you on how hard to push. I will be very aware of your bodily clues and the various senses related to the trauma. Shame is a very powerful and potentially paralyzing emotion. I'm here to help you regain a sense of control and safety, and take your life back.



Ghosts from the Past



When fueled by the ongoing influence of traumatic past events, things like emotional problems, destructive behaviors, and relationship difficulties feel impossible to overcome. Attempting to bring about enduring change without eliminating these “ghosts from the past” is like trying to repair the structure of a building by applying a coat of paint.



I will treat you as a partner, since you are the expert on our own experience.



I do not assume there is one right model / theory to heal from trauma. I am a co­-researcher in your journey, since ultimately you will be the healer and find your own path.  



I will stand with you in the forest and witness your experience.  



As your psychotherapist, I will provide a second pair of eyes on the situation, teach navigation skills, and accept the progress you and I make together.



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Trauma fractures comprehension as a pebble shatters a windshield. The wound at the site of impact spreads across the field of vision, obscuring reality and challenging belief.

~ Jane Leavy


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