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About F. Jack Ramsey

I am a licensed clinical professional counselor in Illinois. I work with adults, teens and children who need relief from worry, sadness, adjustment issues, relationship problems and trauma.



My clients are highly motivated and ready to make a commitment to themselves and the healing and growth process.



Everyone has a story, and here's mine.



I have worked with children and adolescents throughout the last 13 years in community, crisis and school settings. Implicit in this is support of the client, but often the family as well. Everyone plays a role in story­writing -- I help people become the characters they most aspire to be.



Professional and Personal Experience


  • Secondary teacher for grades 9­-12

  • School counselor for grades K-­8

  • School counselor for grades 9­-12

  • Affiliate instructor at University undergraduate and graduate levels

  • Crisis and trauma intervention for children, adolescents, and adults

  • Work with at risk youth, adolescents, and adults

  • Parent education and training programs

  • Couples and relationship evaluation and development





I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Western Illinois University and a master’s degree in Human Development Counseling from Bradley University.



I am certified in Illinois as a school counselor and also as a secondary teacher (6­-12).



It is my belief that every behavior satisfies a need for the individual. The need however, may not be apparent and I assist my clients to identify and understand the basis of the sometimes underlying and evasive motivation.




I have appointments available to fit your schedule.  Contact me now to get started.

If you are prepared to learn some strategies for moving forward in your life, today is the day.



It's time to heal. It is my intention to work with each client to establish a mutually agreed upon plan for achieving goals with the understanding that ultimately, the client sets the agenda and is responsible for following through.



If you're looking for a therapist, odds are there is something about your story that you'd like to change. Maybe it is a change in the way you handle your feelings, or the way you're feeling about your life. Perhaps, you'd like a different ending to a situation you're already in, or you want to begin an amazing story with someone new.



Whatever the case, if you are an "author" and want to rewrite your life, I can help.



What is most important in any therapeutic relationship is that you have a connection with your counselor. I whole­heartedly believe this, and will be honest about my ability to help and heal. But for now, be brave and start re­writing!



People seek therapy for many reasons. For some it is the beginning of breaking free of chains preventing them from finding their true self.



For others it means understanding why unhealthy patterns of behavior continue. For all it is a valuable investment in hope.



Could it be time to face what isn't working in a relationship?  Time to stop being controlled by fear and anxiety? Time to heal old hurts and wounds? Time to have more in your life than depression? Time to move through your grief?Time to silence the negative, critical tapes inside? Time to create the life you want? Time to discover joy?



Your life is waiting ... Is it time for you?



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